luxury house construction

Design your Home Eco-Friendly ,with MINTER!

Considering the increasing need of keeping our planet safe and cozy, the new trend in even luxury house construction is to incorporate some eco-friendly techniques so that your home remains more hygienic to you and your family and it has less negative impact on nature. When the idea of energy efficiency and Green living are embodied in home designing By MINTER PROJECT MANAGEMEN, you get another dimension where the standard of living will be changed for better automatically. We have the Master Builders Green Living Certification which officially enables us to serve in environment-friendly home renovating.

A broad variety in service catalogue

Minter’s catalogue is magical. If there is anything you require related to designing, building and the house renovation and you would find it in our catalogue at the moment you say it! We are specialized in designing urban residences in Sydney and rural homes in the countryside as well.  If it’s a luxurious house you’re looking for, let us tell you that we are specialized in designing luxury home be it in Australian colonial or Art Deco form of design. If you are concerned about the environment, you will get a full package of eco-friendly and sustainable construction as well.

The materials we use

We never use Rainforest timbers for homes, only the solid authentic timbers we indulge in, the same kind can be found only in the old traditional constructions, it helps to protect your home from carbon’s aggression. Colorbond roof iron, what we use for the roof, is responsible for reflecting the summer heat from the roof, to ease the hotness off inside.

Eco-friendly apparatus!

Energy-saving gears are used predominantly.LED light conversions, solar panels are the suitable options to light .Solar hot water units are brilliant in energy consumption.Air cell blankets and Polyester batts in roof prove to be excellent in saving the electricity and gas bills . And there are a lot of other technologies that ensure the eco-friendliness as much as possible to your house, to create a better world for you.

To satisfy you’re your queries about eco-friendly home designing and modern home architecture about, call us at at  +610414998727

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