Luxury home designs

Meet the MINITER: A trusted name in Luxury home designs

Designing is the soul of a construction, when it goes wrong, even the supreme craftsmen on earth will not be able to save your building  to look second-rate and last barely. Then also is required the right set of industry people to execute the rest, meeting the necessity of an excellent tailor-made home. If you feel lost in so many self-acclaimed genius builders and project managers, this is the high time you visit the page of Miniter project management and consultancy, to optimize your view more in building, designing and renovating before you begin with any of those.

Design your house with a pro

David Miniter, the man behind the company has been working in the industry for more than 32 years, aware of the ebb and flow of the vast area from designing to managing a project, undoubtedly the best man to take up the pencil to sketch your idea of a luxury home and make it happen in stone and bricks. He is available on-site everyday supervising the contractors to assure the pace and class of the work. The picture you nourished of an ideal home will be put together with some professional inputs made by us, what you will fall in love with.

Why Minter Projects succeed in with success

Collaboratively with Tim Roberts, David has worked on designing and building for many houses in Hunter valley and Sydney. MINTER offers a feasible work pattern where services like designing bathroom and kitchen, pools and roof conversions, appliances upgrades, painting and landscaping are performed with utmost care and specific expertise at a very reasonable price. Make your dream come true to own a house designed every inch jaw-droppingly beautiful by the most happening luxury home design company in town, The Minter Project Management.

If you are looking for a proper guidance regarding home designing and building, you are always welcome to call us at  +610414998727


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