Get the useful tips for your new luxury home to design!

Making a home is surely a stressful job for you, as it involves the pressure of spending a considerable amount of your valuable savings and hiring a luxury house builder to perform the entire task without a flaw. It’s easy to understand that you are not fully aware with all the trend and buzz and newly-adopted technologies in modern area of luxury house designing; this is what drives you to rely completely on the professionals and experts. And which is quite convenient. But it’s also suggested that you need to be particular in your thought and precisely go accordingly what you want while considering the professional inputs made by the experts.


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Get a clear vision

No matter what a lot of people say, do not get confused with your prime vision of a house. You can envisage your home most honestly, so begin with choosing a theme. Conceptualize the home would make your ideas very prominent to your designers and builders, so that it would be very convenient for them to create your house exactly in sync with your view. You may go for contemporary styling or a vintage classic way of style, the options are plenty. You can pick a little bizarre theme if you want, such as tropical island homes or a villa in Mediterranean style! Caribbean and Zen concepts are also in trends nowadays!

Find a contractor who uses 3D technology to demonstrate

No matter how developed the science and civilizations are, there you always find a group of companies who never indulge in customer service using the latest technologies. Make sure you have chosen the right builder and contractor in term of excellence; as well they provide you with the 3D model demonstration service. It enables you to see your envisaged house in three dimensional structures so that you get the very clear idea if everything goes alright. In most of the cases, a person changes one or two major things in the design if only he gets to see the 3D model, so it’s really important.

Consider a big living space

While choosing an excellent theme and drawing an amazing and exclusive design, do not forget that it’s not at all advocated that you reduce your living space. For a comfortable and healthy living, you are bound to have a large living space with fresh air and ample sunlight. You have to maintain a subtle balance between luxurious design and a sound hygienic living.

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Design your Home Eco-Friendly ,with MINTER!

Considering the increasing need of keeping our planet safe and cozy, the new trend in even luxury house construction is to incorporate some eco-friendly techniques so that your home remains more hygienic to you and your family and it has less negative impact on nature. When the idea of energy efficiency and Green living are embodied in home designing By MINTER PROJECT MANAGEMEN, you get another dimension where the standard of living will be changed for better automatically. We have the Master Builders Green Living Certification which officially enables us to serve in environment-friendly home renovating.

A broad variety in service catalogue

Minter’s catalogue is magical. If there is anything you require related to designing, building and the house renovation and you would find it in our catalogue at the moment you say it! We are specialized in designing urban residences in Sydney and rural homes in the countryside as well.  If it’s a luxurious house you’re looking for, let us tell you that we are specialized in designing luxury home be it in Australian colonial or Art Deco form of design. If you are concerned about the environment, you will get a full package of eco-friendly and sustainable construction as well.

The materials we use

We never use Rainforest timbers for homes, only the solid authentic timbers we indulge in, the same kind can be found only in the old traditional constructions, it helps to protect your home from carbon’s aggression. Colorbond roof iron, what we use for the roof, is responsible for reflecting the summer heat from the roof, to ease the hotness off inside.

Eco-friendly apparatus!

Energy-saving gears are used predominantly.LED light conversions, solar panels are the suitable options to light .Solar hot water units are brilliant in energy consumption.Air cell blankets and Polyester batts in roof prove to be excellent in saving the electricity and gas bills . And there are a lot of other technologies that ensure the eco-friendliness as much as possible to your house, to create a better world for you.

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Meet the MINITER: A trusted name in Luxury home designs

Designing is the soul of a construction, when it goes wrong, even the supreme craftsmen on earth will not be able to save your building  to look second-rate and last barely. Then also is required the right set of industry people to execute the rest, meeting the necessity of an excellent tailor-made home. If you feel lost in so many self-acclaimed genius builders and project managers, this is the high time you visit the page of Miniter project management and consultancy, to optimize your view more in building, designing and renovating before you begin with any of those.

Design your house with a pro

David Miniter, the man behind the company has been working in the industry for more than 32 years, aware of the ebb and flow of the vast area from designing to managing a project, undoubtedly the best man to take up the pencil to sketch your idea of a luxury home and make it happen in stone and bricks. He is available on-site everyday supervising the contractors to assure the pace and class of the work. The picture you nourished of an ideal home will be put together with some professional inputs made by us, what you will fall in love with.

Why Minter Projects succeed in with success

Collaboratively with Tim Roberts, David has worked on designing and building for many houses in Hunter valley and Sydney. MINTER offers a feasible work pattern where services like designing bathroom and kitchen, pools and roof conversions, appliances upgrades, painting and landscaping are performed with utmost care and specific expertise at a very reasonable price. Make your dream come true to own a house designed every inch jaw-droppingly beautiful by the most happening luxury home design company in town, The Minter Project Management.

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